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Since her adolescence, Doris has always had a connection with the Divine, that has only grown stronger as her life journey has progressed. She has always felt drawn to healing others with her hands.

After receiving many Reiki treatments for her own healing, she had realized her calling. Her journey has lead her to the art of Usui Reiki in 2018, furthering her learning and finally becoming a Reiki Master in 2021, developing her own unique style of a healing treatment.

Continuing to develop her Intuitive skills she has also received a certificate in the Art of Tarot Card Reading.

Advancing her healing abilities for others Doris has also received her certificate in Emotional Freedom Technique.

Doris has had much personal enjoyment in creating a healing space for her guests but also for the love of aromatherapy, developing now, products of her own. Integrating 100% pure essential oils as part of her energy work has been very beneficial to those under her gentle care during a session.

The most recent addition to her healing practice, Doris has acquired a Vibrational Sound mat which she uses along with Reiki to bring a deeper healing at the core level.

Her gentle voice, joyful personality and genuine empathic nature is welcoming to all who are guided for her care.

Doris is wonderful. Her soft soothing voice, gentle nature and beautiful spirit gave me such a relaxing and uplifting feeling during my entire healing session. She is truly meant to be a Reiki practitioner. Initially unsure about the whole Reiki practice, I am now a faithful client of Doris and will continue with her.


St. Catharines, Ontario



Vibrational Sound Therapy


The main goal of the Vibrational Sound Association (VSA) is to provide a structured modality for sound-based relaxation therapy.

Emotional Freedom Technique


EFT tapping focuses on tapping the 12 meridian points of the body to relieve symptoms of a negative experience or emotion.

Reiki Master


Reiki is an energy healing technique may reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, and lessen pain through light (or no) touch.

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